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Autumn in full swing

Hello all!

We continue working and studying! We are hoping to get one more full week before the frosts come - but we've been getting so much rain again that I am not hopeful. We did well this year in the garden even with all the rain. I have some ideas to increase yields next year.

In rabbitry news, I sheared the bunnies. I was hoping to wait another month but Floof's face was lost in all her hair and I just had to. One forgets how tiny they are when their coats are in full. They yielded well, better than I had hoped. I weighed 1/2 lbs of wool. It was our first full shear, but the bunnies did really great. I was worried about nicking one of them on accident but we got out it clean and clear. They look soo different now though.

We also are now a New York State registered home processor so if you get a chance and are craving a sweet treat, please check out the Bake Sale page.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

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