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Busy as can be.

Hello Hoppy Mountain Friends.

It's been a bit since my last update. I've been very busy and have so much to share with you!

This week's photo is a sneak peak of the knitting pattern I'm designing for the fellow fiber artists out there. It is called The Little Fountain Pullover, and it is the Hoppy Mountain Pattern for 2022.

I've started my hydroponic venture with some creative problem solving from my amazing family. I'm very excited! There was a lot of planning put into this so I have high hopes. I'll be focusing on escarole for now. Any excess can be added to supplement the buns' diets. I want to start some herbs as well, but first I need to do a little more research!

I'm getting close to collecting a full two pounds of Angora Rabbit wool. That means I will have some very nice natural fiber based yarn to offer in our online store soon.

The hunt for land has officially begun. This can take a very long time but I'm prepared to go the distance. I'm going to make this dream into a reality.

I've received my first batch of flax seeds. I'm looking forward to spring thaw so I can plant them. It will be so nice to be able to offer different blends of natural fibers! This year I will be planting them in my home garden so I can learn first hand how to care for them and harvest the fiber for linen. If all goes according to plan, flax will be a permanent addition to the farm.

I am happy to report that the animals are all doing splendidly. The doggos were able to join us on a jaunt out into the forest. The weather happened to warm up just enough so we were all able to enjoy some good outdoor time. Mandy has been super playful as of late. It's good to see the old girl with so much pep!

Storm has been very robust the last two weeks. He figured out how to unlatch the gate to his hutch and was leaving at will. It took me a bit to figure out, and we ended up reinforcing the gate. I'm all for free range bunnies, as long as they are under supervision. He's been eating a large amount of hay as well. He remains as playful as ever.

Ms. Floof on the other hand has been a little on the grouchy side. She will sit out and hop about for a bit, but not as long as I'd like. I'm hoping this is because we have a valid pregnancy and not because her personality is changing. She's re-arranged her hutch completely. Her toys and her privacy box and her hay bin have all been relocated by her. I'm doing my best to respect the new layout, even though it's making things a bit difficult to clean. Ah well, at least she's a lady that knows exactly what she wants.

Panda and Sophie meanwhile (above), remain their spoiled selves living the life of luxury.

Stay cozy!

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