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Handmade and Homemade

Hello Everyone.

I hope everyone is doing well.

One of the principles of Hoppy Mountain Farm is to produce more than we consume. I truly enjoy taking something and turning it into something more for others to enjoy. Many of us do this already, either at their job, or through a hobby. My hobbies include fiber arts, gardening, and baking. The holidays are an especially great time to utilize these hobbies to bring joy into other's lives.

I often wonder about how things are made - and the older I become the more I learn that many things have their origins at farms. Food, clothing, and shelter - humanities three basic needs all have been historically sourced from farms.

I also wonder about the quality of things. The older I get the more I look for quality. In my experience, the handmade item is usually the highest quality item. However it's becoming more and more difficult to afford or find the high quality handmade and homemade items. The hand-maker has to contend with the lower prices and over advertised mass produced goods that are shoved in the consumers face at every turn.

This week's photo highlights a blanket that I've made. Fellow fiber artists and crocheters will recognize the granny-square construction. This particular blanket is for someone special in my life. It is my hope that the products I provide now and in the future will be something more than the sum of it's parts, and be well loved and enjoyed by their recipients.

In farm news, I have to admit that I am behind where I want to be. I also have found myself worrying about things that I have no control over. By this point in time I had hoped that I would be offering fresh cookies each Saturday morning but I'm not there yet. I also keep wondering about the baby bunny situation. There is no way to know for sure how Floof will handle motherhood, or how the kits will turn out, or how many there may be. This is mostly out of my hands but I still worry. I suppose this just means I am a very caring animal caregiver.

The animals are all well - Mandy and Sophie's ages are starting to show this winter. I'm hoping to take them out soon for a good hike! Panda has been behaving herself in regards to leaving the Holiday Decor alone, which I am very grateful for. Storm and Floof are both doing extremely well. I was brushing them earlier today and found myself just petting them more than usual as their coats have fully regrown and they are so unbelievably soft. I also realized that over the months we have bonded and this regular grooming has become a very relaxing ritual for all of us. I'm really hoping that by this time next year I will have some very lux yarn to offer for sale.

Well my friends, another week has passed us by and we are still rolling along! My hope for you all this upcoming week is that you each realize how important your skills are and that they may bring comfort to others, and also that you reflect on that what you have and the hands that made it all.

Best Wishes,

Hoppy Mountain Farm

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