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Humble Beginnings


Hoppy Mountain Farm is the realization of a dream. My family and I have spent most of our lives in upstate NY. We love the beautiful dairy farms, the glory of the Adirondacks, the myriad of waterways, the variety of the seasons, and the amazing diversity of wildlife. We love animals, from our feathered visitors, to our aquatic neighbors, all are appreciated and admired in our household.

So, with that being said, it should be no surprise to learn that we have pets. Let me tell you a little about them. It began with Sophie, our cattle dog mix. We ended up adopting Sophie when she was a year old. Since then we have welcomed several other creatures into our home. Some staying permanently, some just for rehabilitation or pet sitting. At the current time, we are proud stewards of six pets - Sophie (afore mentioned), Amanda-May (a retired Golden Retriever, previously working as a bird dog), Panda Noodle (an American short-haired kitty), Wallstreet (the immortal Koi fish), and our two newest members Prince Stormcloud and Princess Floof (English Angora buns). Each creature is a full member of our family, and we love them all dearly.

I have knitted and crocheted since childhood. This personal hobby eventually led to an interest in all things fiber arts related. Over time, curiosity and research has led me on an ongoing journey of exploring this field. I have been fortunate to meet people in the area that are connected to the fiber arts in various forms, which have helped shaped our decision to found Hoppy Mountain Farm.

Our love for the region, animals, and my passion for fiber, has led us to this point. Starting a farm has been a discussion in our household for some time now. I mentioned earlier that we have occasionally in the past taken in animals for rehabilitation. Allow me to regale the tale of Lettuce the snapping turtle.

Lettuce was discovered at a log yard. He was almost ran over. The crew in the yard, of whom I work with, knew of our love of all creatures and also knew that we had cared for a snapping turtle previously. We agreed to over-winter little Lettuce and then release him back into nature after he was big enough to not get in trouble. Eventually the time came for Lettuces' release. We fulfilled our promise but found that we had an emptiness in our home.

Discussing this led to the decision to begin our farm. We knew we wanted to fill the void Lettuce has left, and we realized this was a perfect opportunity to take a leap into our dream of farming. We agreed to start small. I had my heart set on building a fiber farm, but we knew that at this point in our lives, sheep or other large livestock would not be an option. The answer appeared to be Angora rabbits.

And here we are! We purchased our buns and are building our farm! I'd like to invite you to join us in our journey. We have learned so much already, but still have much to go.

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