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Is maith liom Nollaig

Dia duit! Hello!

December is right around the corner and I have found myself in my usual giddy state for this time of year. We have received more snow than usual in a long while for this point in the year. I can't think of a recent white Thanksgiving. Last week was quiet and reflective - a much needed break from work and school! I enjoyed more time with the animals, made some good progress with my knitting and crocheting, and I even sat back and watched the snow a bit. I was able to get some organizing done and set up some administrative things for the upcoming new year as well.

I love snow - I think it's beautiful, restorative, and it makes things look more defined and magical, not to mention that it's just plain fun! December also means that we are just about to the winter solstice, so the days will be getting longer soon! Hunting season is wrapping up as well - so it will be more agreeable to go snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in the woods too. Plus, there will be ice skating and sledding, snowball fights and snowman construction! The chores change as well now - instead of weeding and watering, there is shoveling and sanding to be done. We also keep a much closer eye on the outdoor feeders for our squirrel and feathered friends. I will be busy busy busy the next four weeks - in fact I've already started my December cookie extravaganza.

We visited another farm this weekend - it is one we have visited many times before - Moose Track Acres. It is a Christmas tree farm, and we have been going there every year for a very long time. The owner calls us one of her 'lifers'. It's always nice to catch up with her. This year her doggos were not out and it was much busier than we have experienced in the past. Unfortunately we were not able to spend as much time talking as we usually do, but we did get to chat a little. It was really enjoyable to hear the plans she's making and to reflect with her how much things have grown over the years. Internally, I found it so reassuring to be reminded that although progress is slow, it is still happening and will be rewarding at some point in the future, just like Moose River Farm, and just like Moose Track Acres.

The animals are all doing great - Sophie is also very excited. She's been with us the longest and knows Christmas is coming by the recent events at home. She has been more active (in fact she's worn her self out and is sleeping already) the past two days as I've begun my holiday routine. She knows exactly what wrapping paper is and has to sniff every roll and package that comes in the door. She knows there will be one or two for her and she won't stop until she finds it! Mandy is just so happy about the snow - she spends much more time outside rolling and playing than in the summer months. Panda has been busy too - she caught a bird somehow this past weekend and deposited the poor thing in a doorway and waited proudly for someone to discover her and it. We of course told her she was an excellent hunter and gave her extra pets. Storm has been very active and cuddly - he gave me what I can only describe as bunny hugs this morning while I was doing my morning yoga. If I had to define the word precious with a physical action, it would be bunny hugs. Floof on the other hand has been quiet and restive. I bring her out for exercise, and she does interact with everyone, but not as much as usual. She seems content so I am not worried. I suspect that she just has a bit less energy than usual as she is growing those kits!

I am looking forward to this week. We will officially be welcoming Nollaig, and I will be exploring some marketing information with the ladies of Annie's Project.

I hope that December will bring you all some cheer, either by the upcoming Holidays and Celebrations of all the different creeds, or simply by just knowing that the seasons are officially changing once more and a new part of the cycle is beginning again. Best wishes to all of you.

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