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Learning more everyday

Hello Everyone!

This week in general rabbitry news, I'm just focusing on building up knowledge of ARBA protocols and reaching out to those in the know to ask questions and become present in the community.

Today we received the official ARBA guidebook. I'm super excited to dig in. I skimmed it briefly and saw a lot of great topics to delve into.

We received our official ARBA membership card, and our Rabbitry Certificate too!

I've also been having an amazing time corresponding with some of ARBA's registrars. Everyone has been so helpful and welcoming. Thus far it appears to be a stellar community.

Our buns continue to do well. They are becoming braver as they grow. We've had our first big leaps this week. Storm decided to leap off the cat tower onto Sophie. That one scared me! Don't worry, everyone is A-OK. Floof has decided that she likes the furniture in the living room. She has become proficient at hopping up and leaping back down. Sometimes, it almost feels like we have toddlers in the house again....but not quite. These little guys know that their hutch is their safe space and do not hesitate to 'go home' when they've had enough 'outside' stimulus.

Sophie, Mandy, Panda, and Wallstreet-the-immortal also say hi!

Best wishes to you from Hoppy Mountain :)

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