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Sometimes, there will be setbacks...

Hello Hoppy Mountain Friends.

It's been quite a while since I've updated the blog. Never fear! All is well.

Sometimes, we all experience setbacks. The last couple of weeks have been a bit difficult. I re-bred Prince Storm-Cloud and Princess Floof, but alas the due date came and went with out a litter. At this point I've reached out for advise and assistance through ARBA members, other farmers, and the Cornell Cooperative Extension. It is possible that one or both of these precious bunnies are sterile - but there may be another reason for the lack of babies. I am making plans to attend the ARBA show in Auburn NY at the end of the month where I have been told there will be "Angora People" to help assess my breeding techniques and also to examine Storm and Floof. I am looking forward to picking the brains of those with more experience!

Another bump in the road came the last couple of weeks as well. Three weeks ago, I began my Hydroponic Plan. I tested all the equipment and measured and prepped and sowed. I watched for several days and....nothing. Well - let me tell you! I was beginning to think that I had somehow insulted the entire pantheon of agricultural deities. But, I went back to the drawing board and tweaked a few things, and now it's looking much more promising - four days after the readjustments and there is a 100% germination rate. Lets hope I don't mess it up!

With the trials came treasures also. I've had so much help and good will from many people. I've begun a correspondence with an experienced fiber producer who has agreed to mentor me through this farm start up, and also to let me visit and help out in the future to gain more experience!

Animals Update Time!

Floof and Storm are yet again growing out their beautiful coats. We allow them to spend much more time together now, and Stormy has become very attached to little Ms. Floof. They often play and cuddle together.

Panda has gotten a bit fat over this winter even though she is still very active. I blame our excessive treat gifting. As of yesterday we've begun to cut back a bit. Her annual check up is coming up fast! I think she's officially eliminated any and all possible pests as she has now moved on to stealing socks, small stuffed animals, or hand towels and wash clothes when she can get at them. It is a bit annoying, however very amusing to watch.

Sophie and Mandy are doing great - they both are done shedding (thank goodness!) and their new coats have come in a bit greyer than I remember. They are still both very active and playful and we are grateful for that.

We had an old friend stop in for a visit recently, and he was amazed to see how the animals all play and get along so well. It really is an amazing thing to witness the harmony within our farm family. Even with the set backs we have come a long way. I think that is something we can say about all of us. Keep trying! You can do it! It will all come together eventually!

Best wishes to you all.

~Hoppy Mountain Farm

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