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We joined ARBA!

Hello everyone,

Hoppy Mountain Farm is now an officially registered rabbitry of ARBA - that is the American Rabbit Breeders Association.

I'm very excited about this as I'm certain it will open up new opportunities for us. We have many other things to set up too, but I'm taking the moment for celebrating the small victories!

We have been busy taking good care of our buns Prince Stormcloud and Princess Floof. They are developing their own schedules which so far have fit in perfectly with ours. The buns are growing strong. They become bolder by the day. We've been utilizing baby-gates to keep the buns in safe areas as they continue to explore their new home. Today I caught Stormy lounging in Panda's cat tower. I'v

e never heard of a climbing bun before! Everyone who has had the blessing of meeting them has fallen in love with them instantly. These two fluff-balls are amazing.

Don't worry about our other animal (and fish) friends, they are doing great too! In fact, as I write, Sophie, Mandy and Panda are sprawled out at my feet. Wallstreet-the-immortal appears to be napping contently in his tank. It is a truly peaceful night here at Hoppy Mountain Farm. I hope everyone else is enjoying a splendid moment as well.

Yours truly,

Ms. Dom

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