Did you know?  Hoppy Mountain Farms is a Registerd Home Processor in New York State.

That means we can now sell delicious baked goods through our website to residents of NY.

Please peruse our tasty treats.  All sales go towards raising funds to make the dream of Hoppy Mountain Farm a reality.  If you would like to purchase something from our bake sale please use the contact us button below.  Pick up or delivery options can be discussed then.


Traditional Shortbread.jpg



Great with coffee and tea, nothing says cottagecore like traditional shortbread.  Buttery and rich, this crispy crumbly treat melts in your mouth.  A must have when entertaining company!

16 servings per purchase

Ingredients: Flour, Butter, Sugar.

Contains: Wheat

This product is made in a home kitchen.

Sugar Cookies



Great any time, these classics will surely satisfy that sugar craving!  Decorated with seasonally colored icing, they will always bring a bit of festivity into your life.

12 cookies per purchase

Ingredients: Cookies: butter, vegetable shortening, sugar, baking powder, egg, almond extract, flour.  Icing: Powdered sugar, vegetable shortening, water, food coloring, vanilla extract.

Contains: Wheat, Egg.

This product is made in a home kitchen.




Colorful and fun, these pressed cookies are perfect mouth popping delights.  Perfect to have on hand to fill the cookie jar for the kids, or for when company is over.

24 cookies per purchase.

Ingredients: Butter, Sugar, Powered Sugar, Flour, Baking Powder, Egg, Cinnamon, Salt

Contains: Wheat, Egg

This product is made in a home kitchen.




That's right folks! These nostalgic flat disc cookies warm the heart of any fan.  These cookies are made using a special iron press that imprints pretty scrolling details on each cookie.    The texture is a cross between a wafer and a waffle cone.  We make our pizzelle with the traditional anise flavoring.  

12 cookies per purchase.

Ingredients: Egg, Flour, Sugar, Anise Flavoring, Butter, Baking Powder.

Contains: Wheat, Egg

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These cookies have a complex and spicy flavor. They are a personal favorite of mine.  A dense and satisfying cookie with a touch of sweet.

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There is no question that we were aiming for over the top on these.  Vanilla cupcakes with a generous amount of frosting and extra sprinkles.   These cupcakes are border-line novelty items!  Don't worry though, they are definitely edible. Each cupcake is decorated differently and is a surprise. The whole point of these is simply FUN.  Help support Hoppy Mountain Farm!

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