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  • Hoppy Mountain Farm is a huge advocate of English Angora Rabbits.  There is a large amount of negative sentiment regarding the use of English Angora Wool, and we'd like to set the record straight.

  • English Angora Rabbits are small creatures, fully grown they don't exceed 8 lbs.  They may look larger because of the amount of hair they grow, but they really do not need much space for their home.  They are fun to interact with and care for, and fit in well with other pets and small children.

  • They do need regular weekly grooming to keep their coats from matting.  When done right, this process is very enjoyable for owner and animal.  It's not unlike going to a hair salon for you or I.

  • I am willing to bring one of my English Angora Rabbits to an educational environment and talk about the history of the animals and their impact on the clothing market.  If you'd like to book a meeting please let me know. 

Unfortunately, we currently do not have any bunnies available for sale.  The site will be updated with photos of available rabbits when there is availability.

Thanks for visiting, please check back soon!