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Recouping and regrouping

Hello Friends,

The holiday rush has passed by. I hope everyone was able to celebrate with loved ones.

I had a very blessed holiday season, and I am extremely grateful.

This entry's title refers to two recent changes. The first is that I have a suspected herniated disc. This has forced me to slow down significantly. The second is a result of the first. I am cutting back on my business plan for 2023.

I will, for the time being, not be offering any baked goods. Being on my feet for extended periods of time causes problems for my body. Also, I lost my hydroponic crop due to being unable to monitor it regularly, so I will not be selling any produce this winter. (My herbs are OK though!) I was basically immobilized for just over a month. Thankfully my family pitched in, and all helped to care for me and our rabbits. I am now on the road to recovery, but I am unsure of how long it will be before I am back to my normal abilities.

I want to thank everyone who inquired about adopting. There were many. Unfortunately, life happens, or our current economy has gotten in the way. Please know that if you ever change your mind, I will be here taking care of the bunnies.

With that being said, I am switching my focus to the rabbits. We have a good system and I believe they are all happy. They certainly are all healthy and have grown into beautiful creatures with individual personalities. I know that in my current situation things will need to change a bit. It is really hard to feel down when you get to see 10 beautiful fluffy bunnies each and every day. I love to watch them interact with each other and with Panda and Sophie.

Perhaps this will leave me a little more time to spend on the tech/social media aspect. I did create a Facebook account. Social media still feels overwhelming. I fear I have a lot to learn. I am terrible at remembering to take photos and videos.

The changes have made me go back and look at my original ideas and goals for Hoppy Mountain. I may revisit the idea of having the EAR wool spun at a mill. I have acquired quite a bit of it. I also need to finish the knitting patterns I started!

It can be so easy to get overwhelmed with all the things the world throws at you. It is OK to take a step back. Everyone has checks where they must stop and evaluate. That doesn't mean you have failed, or that you are not good enough. It just means you get another chance.

May you embrace every second chance that comes your way.

Best wishes,

Ms. Dom

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