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November 2021 -

We are finalizing our plans to have bunnies available this winter.  At this point in time I expect bunnies to be ready to go to their forever homes in February 2022.  Princess Floof and Prince Stormcloud are healthy and growing strong, and should be mature enough to try for their first litter on or around the end of this November.   We want to ensure that our wool-y sweethearts are old enough to safely procreate!  Gestation is about a month, and then the babes must stay with mom for six weeks.  We would then keep the babies an additional two weeks to ensure that they have transitioned to solid food fully, are healthy and strong, and that they have appropriate dispositions to be introduced into homes that may have small children or other pets.

If you are interested in owning,  but have never cared for an English Angora, I am more than happy to go through the basics of caring, feeding, and grooming them with you.  I also am offering to buy any wool that is collected during regular grooming.  I'm offering this for two reasons...

1.) I want to provide an incentive of sorts to encourage proper care.

2.) The more wool I can collect, the more I can have spun into a lovely lux yarn!

If you are still with me by this point, you may be wondering what the kits may look like.  (Kits, or kittens, are what bunnies are called in the rabbitry world.)  My best guess is that there will be some very pretty greys and silvery-whites for color.  The chances of the kits being a solid color are close to impossible.  Stormy is considered a 'solid' and Floof is considered a "Charlie" (which is a special type of "broken").  When these two pattern types are bred, it is almost given that the whole litter will be "broken".  This just means that the color pattern will be broken up. An example of what the kits may look like is this:









  Ok - Biology lesson over! (Photo pulled from PJ's Angoras: https://pjs-angoras.tripod.com/index.html)

With that being said, I have started a waiting list.  Those who express an interest in acquiring one of our baby buns will get to choose on a first-come-first-served rotation.  Currently I have two interested parties on the wait list. If you are interested, please click the "Get in Touch" button below and fill out the contact form.  You can also use this to contact me with any questions you may have. 


Broken Black English Angora Rabbit Example.jpg

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Here at Hoppy Mountain, we strive to give our English Angora rabbits a healthy and happy home.  We raise and breed English Angora Rabbits, and hope to expand our operation in the future!

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English Angora Rabbitry

Raising and Breeding English Angora Rabbits since 2021. 


English Angoras are wonderful. 

These creatures do not require large living spaces.  They are great with children and other pets.  They are clean and quiet as well.


They also produce warm and silky wool that is great for hand spinners and DIY-ers.

Visit 'Meet the team' to see our buns!


What’s In Stock



$8.00 per oz. + Shipping

Wool produced by our very own Prince Stormcloud.  

This wool is a beautiful silky dark silver grey.  It has lovely loft.   It has not been processed in anyway.   Please email me if you are interested by clicking the 'get in touch' button below. I will ship to anywhere in the continental USA.



$8.00 per oz. + Shipping

Wool produced by our very own Princess Floof.

This wool is a beautiful light silver, almost white.  There are dark grey fibers mixed in.  Floof's wool is a bit finer than Stormcloud's. It has not been processed in any way.  Please email me if you are interested by clicking the 'get in touch' button below.  I will ship to anywhere in the continental USA.


We are in the Black River Valley and will gladly deliver to the Tug Hill, Mohawk Valley, and Eastern Adirondack areas.

Boonville, NY

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