The Vision


2021 was a very important year.  We learned, and we began to set forth plans for what Hoppy Mountain Farm will be.

2022 will be the beginning of making this vision into a reality.

Hoppy Mountain Farm is first and foremost a farm where we focus on producing the highest quality products.  But we also want to offer richly satisfying experiences that are aesthetically pleasing, morally and sustainably derived, and family friendly.

It is my vision to create a farmstead that is a haven to adventurers of all types.  It will be a place where you can step out of modern life and enter a fantastical retreat, or a place to create a new adventure.  Either way, Hoppy Mountain farm will be a place to escape the stressful and loud modern world into a place of magic and serenity.

Over the next few weeks, I will be working on a new part of the web site that will outline this vision.  Feel free to check back often. 



Welcome!  Have a look around - feel free to navigate our site via the lists below, or use the menu at the upper right of the page.



We responsibly breed English Angora Rabbits.

English Angora Rabbits make wonderful pets.  They are curious, mild mannered, quiet, inexpensive, and easy to care for. 

If you are interested in purchasing a rabbit, or would like to discuss educational opportunities, please click on the 'find out more' button below.



Hoppy Mountain Farm is just beginning.  Visit our Bake Sale page to see tasty treats we offer for sale.  All profits from the Bake Sale will be invested into making Hoppy Mountain Farm everything it should be.

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Hoppy Mountain is working to continue expanding the quality products we offer.  Please check back often to see new updates.  Find your fiber here!

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Our story, updated weekly. Follow along with the epic saga that is the creation of Hoppy Mountain Farm.  Check in regularly to get a behind the scenes glimpse and additional information.



We are in the Black River Valley and will gladly deliver to the Tug Hill, Mohawk Valley, and Eastern Adirondack areas.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.  I prefer email communication via the form to the right, but you can also text me at the below phone number. 

I will do my best to respond in a reasonable amount of time.

Boonville, NY


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