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Full steam ahead

Hello Dear Reader,

We've made it to the beginning of a brand new year.

There is so much that I want to accomplish this year.

  • Buy Land

  • Finish my Business Plan

  • Successfully breed my rabbits.

  • Create a vision map to share.

  • Mill my first yarn to sell

  • Grow my fiber arts skills.

The chaos that the holiday season brings is slowly wrapping up, and I find that I desperately need to set boundaries for myself this upcoming year in order to reach my goals.

I've been drowning in lists of things to do, so my post will be very short. I've done that palpitation test on Floof and I do not think she is pregnant. I'll re-try the breeding, but first I'm going to shear both bunnies in case their wool is acting like bunny condoms.

This week's photo is a cake of hand spun yarn. It is my first spun, plied, and caked yarn. Although there are many inconsistencies, it is a beautiful symbol to me of how I can create.

May the new year offer you many adventures!

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