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Growing and learning.

Hello friends,

I hope the season is treating you well. Last week's topic was to produce more than we consume, to make things well and better - and appreciating that we all are makers in some way. This week I'd like to explore another aspect of our ideals here at Hoppy Mountain Farm that stems from the previous one: Engage in hobbies and learning new things.

I've often felt that a hobby keeps one out of trouble and out of worry. It's a way to step back from the daily grind and refocus. It keeps the mind and motor skills sharp. It gives a renewed and refreshing purpose and often times a sense of accomplishment that sometimes gets lost in the burdens of daily life. It also fosters creativity and a desire to learn. I truly believe that adopting a hobby encourages learning. Hobbies help us grow in so many ways and help us keep our mental health.

Hoppy Mountain is a celebration of how hobbies come together to create something more. If you currently have a hobby - perhaps take some time and reflect on what it adds to your life, your character, and your well-being. What have you learned in general from your hobby? If you don't have a hobby, what would you consider trying and why?

This week is my last week in Annie's Project. It's a little bitter sweet, but now that I've spent the last 12 weeks learning so much, it's time to start putting those things into practice. Much like studying a new knitting stitch, carpentry join, animal handling technique - eventually the time will come to put it to use and be amazed at the product that results. I plan on sketching out a plan of action for the new year.

The animals are all doing well. This morning was Floof's turn to join me on the yoga mat. The buns have grown so much and their personalities really show through now. I hope we will have some new buns soon to meet and learn and grow together with.

Here's to learning and doing!

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