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Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Hello Hello!

I hope everyone is having a pleasant September. We sure have been busy here at Hoppy Mountain!

I survived my first week back to school, and have learned a goodly bit. My most enlightening assignment thus far has been "things you don't know you don't know".

In rabbitry news, Stormcloud has began shedding his coat. During his weekly grooming, I was just pulling clumps out! When you read about 'plucking' the wool, that's pretty much spot on. You don't have to pull, you can just slid your fingers through the coat and pluck the shed right off. Stormy seemed much happier and spent several hours hopping about afterwards. I anticipate Floof's shed to start next month. I'll keep a close eye on Stormy this week, he may need a bit extra grooming to keep his coat from matting.

In other news...I had someone ask me what do you use the rabbits for. I explained that they were historically bred for their hair, and that it is used for spinning yarn. They also make great pets! This got me thinking. Some time ago I enlisted my husband and his carpentry skills to create a drop spindle for me. Well I am ashamed to admit that I tried using it once, and packed it away in frustration!

Now, I love love love fiber arts. I knit, crochet, weave, even plastic canvas every once in a while. And I know there is a pretty large group out there who also enjoy such things. Well, let me tell you, I had some time to try my drop spindle again (those online lectures are no joke!). And this time, I had a moderate amount of success! Now this is my first time successfully spinning yarn, so it's not perfect, but I think it came out rather nice!

My favorite reaction thus far to this swatch has been "Woah that is unreasonably fluffy!......Will you make me a blanket out of it??" While I would have loved to say yes, the reality is hand spinning and knitting is very time consuming. But, now I am convinced that sending the wool to a mill to spin just has to be! Hands down this yarn has no comparison to anything I've ever seen in any big box store. I am surprised that there is a bit of stretch to it. It is super silky soft and warm and lightweight - softer and warmer than alpaca (and I love alpaca). This swatch was made with just a large handful of raw wool.

Also, I find it very interesting how much the grey pops through. This is Princess Floof's wool. She looks very bright and white, but there is a surprising depth of color and shade in her wool! Maybe if I end up having to marathon lectures again I will try Prince Stormcloud's wool. Hmmm...I wonder how it would take dye! Perhaps that is an experiment for another week.

Stay Hoppy Folks!!

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