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Wallstreet, the not so immortal. :*(

Hello All,

It is a calm, quiet, and rainy Sunday here at Hoppy Mountain Farm.

I have the unfortunate duty to inform the Hoppy Mountain followers that Wallstreet-the-immortal has passed on. We had a short memorial for him, and made a humble grave in the back yard. He spent over 7 years with us. We will miss you buddy!

In Rabbitry news, I've continued discussing ARBA things with the very helpful registrars. It looks like the first ARBA event that I could attend has been canceled due to the rise of the Delta Variant. Ah well, we'll get the next one! Today I reached out to a local fiber mill to inquire about having some of the Angora Wool blended and spun with another natural fiber. I am hoping to get some good information this week!

Now that the bad news is out of the way, lets focus on the positives.

Our garden has been bursting forth with zucchini and cherry tomatoes. We had the opportunity to share our bounty with family and friends. I made zucchini and cherry tomato quiche (that really highlighted the fresh parsley, sage, and thyme), as well as Zucchini Bars - a favorite recipe of mine.

I love growing plants. While I wouldn't say I've been blessed with a green thumb, I can hold my own. I learn more about gardening every year. I'm very excited for next year's growing season as I have discovered in my research that rabbit manure is gold for gardeners. I have a small compost-er, to which we have begun adding the bunny waste to. The plan is to mix it all in to the garden this Autumn after the first frost, and then in the early spring add another batch.

In summary the end of the week had a couple of gut punches, but we've got so much to look forward to still! With every adventure, there are hurdles. But with the hurdles there are also blessings!

Unfortunately I did not have a good opportunity to get more bun pictures this week (they are doing great), but I did snag a good one of a very peaceful Panda:

Best wishes to everyone!

Hoppy Mountain Farm.

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